About Journalisted

Journalisted is an independent, not-for-profit website built to make it easier for you, the public, to find out more about journalists and what they write about. It is run by the Media Standards Trust, a registered charity set up to foster high standards in news on behalf of the public, and funded by donations from charitable foundations.

The site allows you to:
  • Search articles published on UK national newspaper websites and BBC News by journalist, news outlet, subject and key word
  • Read all articles by a particular journalist
  • Find out further information about a particular journalist – such as links to a personal website or wikipedia page and, in some cases, an email address
  • Compare a journalist’s articles with those of other journalists who write about similar subjects
  • Contextualise articles, by seeing blogs that have linked to it and comments people have left about it
  • Find similar articles to the one you’re reading
  • Set up alerts to tell you when your favourite journalists have written something new

It is independent, non-commercial and non-partisan, and is intended to make the news media more transparent and accountable on behalf of the public.

Journalisted works by automatically searching UK national newspaper websites, BBC News and Sky News, and picking out journalists' bylines (see full list of news outlets covered). Articles are then indexed by journalist - but you can also search by news outlet and key words.

Because of the way the information is gathered, the site is not comprehensive, and will never do full justice to the output of the journalists we cover, for which we apologise. There will be some mistakes and omissions – but we aim to rectify these as soon as we hear of them.

Journalisted was first launched as a trial in November 2007. The current, upgraded version – which includes new features, such as suggesting similar articles and similar journalists – went live in June 2009.

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The site was built by Ben Campbell. Martin Moore has led the initiative on behalf of the Media Standards Trust. Gavin Freeguard and Ben Campbell administrate the site.

The site design is by Double Sided.

Thanks to Gavin Buttimore, Tom Lynn, Ayesha Garrett, Gary Jones, Simon Roe and James Williamson, who have all contributed to development.

Many thanks to Julian Todd and Francis Irving, who generously provided hosting and admin support for a long time.

Thanks also to Tom Steinberg, Phil Gyford, Louise Crow, Tom Loosemore, Matt Cain and everyone else who offered invaluable ideas and advice.

Journalisted reuses some code from the wonderful mySociety websites.