Journalisted for Developers

RSS Feeds

There is an RSS feed provided for each journalist, containing the list of articles they have written.

Look out for the RSS icon:

hAtom Support

We like hAtom and try to use it wherever it makes sense to do so.

This includes search results and the lists of articles on journalist pages.


We provide some APIs you can use to pull information out of our database. Find out more on the API Page.

RDF/Linked data

Some basic data is provided in RDF, and we plan to expose a lot more.

For journalists, the URL scheme is:
URI represents the actual Fred Bloggs (a non-information resource).
Obviously, since the technology to deliver people via HTTP isn't quite there yet, this will redirect to a URL which will instead deliver information _about_ Fred Bloggs instead. This will be either the HTML page or RDF data, depending on the results of content negotiation.
The normal, human-readble HTML page of information about Fred Bloggs
Information about Fred Bloggs in RDF (currently in RDF XML but other formats will also be supported)

Site Development

Journalisted itself is an open source project.

The code is licensed under the Affero General Public License (FAQs)
(Quick summary: it's the GPL v2 with provision to cover using the code as a network service)

The source code is at

There is a public development mailing list.

If you have technical questions, contact Ben Campbell.