Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Journalisted?

The Media Standards Trust, a registered charity set up to foster high standards in news on behalf of the public. The website, and the Trust, are independent, non-partisan and non-profit

How is Journalisted funded?

Through grants from Foundations and donations from organisations and individuals. Grant makers include: the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, the Gatsby Foundation, the Nuffield Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

How does Journalisted work?

All the information on Journalisted is collected automatically from the websites of 21 British news outlets (altogether, this means 14 news websites, since many daily papers share a website with their sister Sunday paper). Articles are indexed by journalist, based on the byline to the article. Keywords and statistics are automatically generated, and the site searches for any blogs or social bookmarking sites linking to each article

What news outlets does Journalisted cover?

Journalisted currently covers 21 UK news outlets across 14 different websites:

  • BBC News Online
  • Financial Times
  • - Daily Express and Sunday Express
  • Mail Online - Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday
  • - Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • - The Guardian and The Observer
  • The Herald
  • - The Independent and The Independent on Sunday
  • - Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror
  • The Scotsman
  • Scotland on Sunday
  • The Sun
  • Times Online - The Times and The Sunday Times
  • News of the World

Why doesn’t Journalisted cover more news outlets?

We would certainly like to cover more outlets, but to do so we would need more money (more technical costs, more administration costs). So until we get a little more funding, we have to stick with what we’ve got.

Please consider making a donation.

What time period does Journalisted cover?

Journalisted covers most articles published by 21 news outlets online since early 2008. In some cases, where people have sent us links to earlier articles, it goes back further

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is very simple:

  1. We guarantee we will not sell or distribute any personal information you share with us (unless you're a journalist giving us information to add to your page)
  2. Other than email alerts, we will not send you more than one unsolicited email a year and that will only be to update you about changes to the site
  3. We will gladly show you the personal data we store about you in order to run the website.

Do you cover articles from other news outlets?

Yes. Though Journalisted only captures articles from 21 UK news outlets, you can send us links to articles published on other websites. These will appear in a separate box on the journalist’s page. However, they are not used in any other analysis performed by Journalisted.

How does Journalisted work out what articles are similar?

Article similarity is judged using an automated system. The algorithm works by trying to identify which terms within an article seem most significant. A search is then made for other articles which also contain some or all of those terms.

How does Journalisted work out what journalists write similar stuff?

The algorithm follows the same lines at the one used to determine similar articles and goes roughly like this:

  1. Take a number of the journalists most recent articles
  2. Identify the significant terms within those articles
  3. Search for other articles containing those terms
  4. Rank the journalists who wrote those articles according to the closeness and quantity of the matches

What are column inches?

The "column inches" measurements on journalist pages are just a rough estimate of the size of articles a journalist writes. Journalisted (arbitarily) takes a column inch to be 30 words.

You might also find the wikipedia explanation of column inches useful.

Why are some articles missing?

An article may not appear on a journalist’s page if:

  • it was not published in one of the news outlets we cover
  • it was not bylined
  • the byline was mis-spelt in the original publication
  • the byline was contained within the text of the article so our system could not find it
  • it was published before we started collecting articles
  • it was published in a 'registration required' area of the news outlet's website.

To add a missing articles, go to a journalist’s page and click on ‘Article(s) missing? If you notice an article is missing, click here’

Do you have more contact information for journalists?

All the contact information we have is on each journalist’s page. Some pages will also have a link to their personal website on the top right hand side. We do not have any other contact information for journalists

Can I send out a press release via your site to journalists?

No. The site is meant to make it easier for the public to navigate the news – not as a PR tool