Election coverage dominates

for the week ending Sun 11 April 2010

In the news this week...

  • The general election – particularly the National Insurance row which generated 494 articles
  • A busy sporting week featuring the US Masters, FA Cup semi finals and the Grand National (which received more coverage than Obama’s nuclear deal)
  • Foreign affairs from coups in Kyrgyzstan and Niger, unrest in Thailand and the signing of a nuclear pact between the US and Russia

Covered lots

Covered little

  • Fears of a “double dip” recession attracted just 55 articles in the first week of the general election campaign
  • The TUC was only reported in 20 articles, despite a row between employers and the Labour Party over national insurance

Political ups and downs

Political parties

  • Conservatives – referred to in 2112 articles
  • Labour –1589 articles
  • Liberal Democrats – 408 articles
  • BNP – 125 articles
  • UKIP – 101 articles
  • Green Party – 58 articles

X vs Y

Long form journalism

Featured journalist: Dhruti Shah

Dhruti Shah is a broadcast journalist at BBC multimedia newsroom. She has previously worked as a researcher on Panorama and trained as a broadcast journalist/producer at Radio 1. While studying at Oxford (Mansfield), Shah was published in the Daily Telegraph.

She began her career as a trainee journalist at the Harrow and Wembley Observer, working her way up to chief reporter. After deciding to try her hand at broadcasting, Shah worked for Insight News Television as a researcher and voiceover artist, before getting picked up by the BBC.

Shah has won a range of awards for her journalism - among them the Hold the Front Page Weekly Print Journalist of the Year for London and the South – as well as being shortlisted for the 2006 GG2/ Daily Mail Young Journalist of the Year.

Her articles are notable for their diversity, covering everything from the Haitian earthquake to the dangers of body piercing.

Dhruti Shah recently updated her biography on Journalisted. If you want to build your CV, claim your profile page here.

(posted by Matthew Cain on Tue 13 April 2010)