Conservatives, Savile and NHS spending

for the week ending Sun 14 October 2012
  • Conservative Party conference covered most
  • Jimmy Savile abuse allegations covered lots
  • NHS alcohol treatment spending covered little

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There were no other Eurozone leaders covered this week.

Who wrote a lot about... Malala Yousafzai

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Chris Rogers is a BBC News presenter and investigative reporter for both the BBC and Mail on Sunday. He is also creative director of the independent production company BlackandWhiteTV. In 2010 he wrote the book Undercover published by Authentic Media. He has won several awards for his human rights journalism including a One World Media Award for his investigation into 'Romania's Unwanted Children'. Most recently he received and Emmy Award nomination for his documentary Witchdoctors' Children. Follow him on Twitter @chrisrogersbwtv

Iain Hepburn is the online sports editor at The National. He has previously worked at STV Local, and Manchester Evening News where he served as editor, online journalist and senior online journalist respectively. In between his staff jobs, Iain worked sporadically for the Daily Mail, Daily Record and Times Education Supplement. During his three years on staff at The Record as Digital Editor, he won Multimedia Journalist of the Year at the 2009 Scottish Press Awards. Follow him on Twitter @iainmhepburn

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(posted by Dulcie Lee on Mon 15 October 2012)