Liam Fox, Occupy Wall Street and BlackBerry

for the week ending Sun 16 October 2011
  • Coverage of the Liam Fox and Adam Werritty scandal dominated this week's news
  • 'Occupy Wall Street' protests and BlackBerry outages covered lots
  • Fitch ratings downgrade, Burmese political amnesty and US troops deployment covered little

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Covered lots

  • A torrid week for Liam Fox, ending in his resignation after questions about his relationship with friend Adam Werritty, 332 articles
  • Occupy Wall Street protests continue and are mimicked worldwide, including London and Rome, 141 articles
  • Research in Motion apologise to BlackBerry users after several days of outages, 112 articles

Covered little

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs. serious

Arab spring (countries & current leaders)

Who wrote a lot about... the Joanna Yeates murder trial

Long form journalism

Journalists who have updated their profile

  • Liz Vercoe is a freelance journalist for AgeUK, Travel Telegraph, Sunday Times, BBC Worldwide and Reader's Digest. She was previously deputy editor at the Radio Times and associate editor of the Sunday Mirror Magazine, as well as launch day editor of the Sunday Magazine. She has written several books, including editions of 'Where to Live in London' and 'Managing Your Home'.

  • Harriet Hernando is a trainee reporter at the Stroud News and Journal. She was recently a freelance features writer for St James's House Media and feature writer for the Argentina Independent after interning at the Financial Times. She was educated at the University of Leeds and later the University of Sheffield. You can follow Harriet on Twitter: @harriethernando

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(posted by Joseph O'Leary on Tue 18 October 2011)