British Airways, Bangkok and a biodiversity crisis

for the week ending Sun 23 May 2010

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This week...

  • Coverage of BA remains sky high
  • The papers fret lots over Lord Triesman’s resignation following the Daily Mail ‘sting’ and its implications for England’s 2018 World Cup bid
  • Philip Hammond (Transport) and Andrew Mitchell (International Development) nudged their way into the most mentioned members of the new Cabinet

Covered lots

  • BA (British Airways) was talked about in 278 articles and 272 mentioned Unite as the legal injunction preventing strike action by the union was lifted by the Court of Appeal
  • Bangkok was referred to in 215 articles as the Thai army took military action against the Red Shirts in the capital
  • Lord Triesman was covered in 207 articles after the Daily Mail published recordings of private conversations between the (then) chair of the FA and Melissa Jacobs
  • 218 articles discussed Inter Milan, the winners of the Champions League under their charismatic manager, Jose Mourinho

Covered little

  • 6 articles (4 of them in the Guardian) reported on the 3 year UN study into the ‘Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity’ which found evidence of a global biodiversity crisis

  • 10 articles mentioned the upcoming Ethiopian election which many hoped would avoid the violence and vote rigging that marred the 2005 election

Political Ups and Downs – the Cabinet (top 10 mentions)

  1. David Cameron (Prime Minister) - 605 articles
  2. Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister) – 398 articles
  3. George Osborne (Chancellor of the Exchequer) – 390 articles
  4. William Hague (Foreign Secretary) – 135 articles
  5. Theresa May (Home Secretary) – 133 articles
  6. David Laws (Chief Secretary to the Treasury) – 126 articles
  7. Vince Cable (Business) – 120 articles
  8. Philip Hammond (Transport) – 63 articles
  9. Liam Fox (Defence) – 62 articles
  10. Andrew Mitchell (International Development) – 54 articles

X vs Y

Long form journalism

Journalists writing a lot about... Bangkok

Richard Lloyd Parry – 10 articles (The Times), Damien McElroy – 10 articles (Daily Telegraph), Josh Noble – 10 articles (Financial Times), Tim Johnston – 8 articles (Financial Times), Ben Doherty – 7 articles (The Guardian), Andrew Buncombe – 6 articles (The Independent)

The Independent’s Andrew Buncombe was shot in the thigh while covering the Thai assault on the Red Shirts. Buncombe had previously written on ‘The deadly trade of journalism’.

Journalists who have updated their journalisted profile*:

Andrew Eames is a freelance journalist who has worked with the Times, Sunday Times, Observer, Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Independent. He was a sub-editor at The Times from 1989-91 and executive editor of Insight Guides from 1991-96. His books include The 8.55 to Baghdad (2005) and Blue River Black Sea (2009). He won a British Guild of Travel Writers award in 2005 and was shortlisted for Dolman Travel book of the Year in 2010. You can follow Andrew Eames on twitter at @mounteagle

Laura Collins is senior features writer and leader writer at The Mail on Sunday, where she has been since 2002. She was previously a feature writer at The Scotsman (1996-98), features editor at the Scottish Daily Mail (1998-2000), features editor at the Daily Record (2000-01), and has done freelance work for the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Sunday Times, Woman Magazine, Hello, and Woman's Journal. Her book, Kate Moss: The Complete Picture, was published by Pan MacMillan in 2008. She was a nominee for the Paul Foot award, and won a Young Journalist prize at the Scottish Press Awards.

  • All information taken from journalisted profiles as updated (24-5-10)

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(posted by Martin Moore on Tue 25 May 2010)