Chilean miners, Liverpool FC, & defence cuts

for the week ending Sun 17 October 2010
  • 33 trapped Chilean miners received huge media coverage early in the week, reaching a peak after their successful rescue on Wednesday
  • Political debate focused on UK defence cuts, cyber war, home terror, and natural disasters
  • The death of asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga, while being forcibly repatriated, received little coverage

Covered lots

  • The 33 Chilean miners, finally rescued after 69 days trapped underground, 287 articles
  • The Liverpool FC buyout, sold to US company New England Sports on Friday, 284 articles
  • UK defence cuts, eventually agreed after weeks of sometimes acrimonious wrangling, 236 articles

Covered little

  • The death of asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga, with suspected mishandling by security officials enforcing his deportation, 20 articles
  • Two miners in Ecuador killed and two more trapped by a cave-in on Friday, 14 articles
  • A Somali-American, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, sworn in as Somalia's new Prime Minister, 1 article

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs serious

Who wrote a lot about...'Chilean Miners'

Carl Markham - 13 articles (The Independent), Martin Fletcher - 11 articles (The Times), Fiona Govan - 10 articles (The Telegraph), Rory Carroll - 9 articles (The Guardian), Jude Webber - 9 articles (Financial Times), Guy Adams - 5 articles (The Independent)

Long form journalism

Journalists who have updated their profile

Andrea Vogt is a freelance journalist who has written for the Independent, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Review of Policy Research, National Geographic Traveler, and La7, and she is the proprietor of The Freelance Desk (USA-Europe). She was a staff reporter for The Spokesman-Review (USA) between 1997 - 2000, and for the Lewiston Morning Tribune (USA) between 1993 - 1997. She studied Political Science / German (BA) at the University of Idaho (1989-2003), and previously at the Universitat Regensburg Institut fur Politikwissenschaft (1991-1992).She is the author of 'Bologna Inside(International Women's Forum, 2006), and 'Common Courage' (University of Idaho Press / Caxton Press, 2003). She has been awarded the Fulbright Scholar award for Journalism (2000), and the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship in Germany(1996). Her website can be viewed at

Richard Rae writes for the Guardian, Observer, Independent, Independent on Sunday, Sunday Times, BBC Online, Wisden Cricketer, Backpass, Country, Country Walking and many others. He studied Law (LL.B Hons) at Leeds University, and was educated at Ampleforth College in York. He has won the UK Press Gazette Regional Sportswriter of the Year, twice won the BT North-East Sportswriter of the Year, and won the Yorkshire Press Sportswriter of the Year. His blog can be read at Follow Richard on twitter at

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