Election rises again, as do ITV, the IMF and the IPL

for the week ending Sun 25 April 2010

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This week...

  • The election rose from the volcanic ashes to become the most written about topic once again
  • Three letter acronyms beginning in ‘I’ featured strongly in the news (ITV, IMF and IPL)
  • Clegg overtakes Cameron – in the number of articles written about each party leader

Covered lots

  • The election was referred to in over 2,000 articles, and ‘hung parliament’ in 495
  • ITV – 238 articles mentioned the commercial broadcaster as Adam Crozier took over as chief executive and TV talent started shifting about (Adrian Chiles, Katie Derham)
  • IMF – 197 articles talked about the International Monetary Fund’s proposals for bank taxes and its navigation of the Greek debt crisis
  • IPL – 110 articles were written about the hugely successful Indian Premier League (cricket) as it approached its annual finale amidst allegations of high level corruption

Covered little

  • Food prices’ featured in only 19 articles and ‘petrol prices’ in only 24 – even though petrol prices topped £1.20 per litre and consumer price inflation rose to 3.4 per cent
  • Only 4 articles, in total, mentioned Ieuan Wyn Jones, leader of Plaid Cymru in Wales, as opposed to 89 that referred to Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party)

Political Ups and Downs

  • Gordon Brown (Labour) – 1,063 articles (+17% on previous week)
  • Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) – 978 articles (+62% on previous week)
  • David Cameron (Conservative) – 961 articles (+11% on previous week)

X vs Y

Goldman Sachs – 296 articles vs. JP Morgan – 33 articles

Orlando Figes’ scathing reviews of his competitors on Amazon generated 27 articles vs only 20 that mentioned the Russian president, Vladimir Putin

BA (British Airways) – 247 articles, vs Ryanair –188 articles, vs Easyjet – 134 articles

Facebook – 256 articles vs Apple 217

Long form journalism

Journalists writing a lot about... "Goldman Sachs"

Jill Treanor – 9 articles (The Guardian), Andrew Clark – 8 articles (The Guardian), Stephanie Kirchgaessner – 6 articles (Financial Times), John Gapper – 5 articles (Financial Times), Lucy Farndon – 5 articles (MailOnline), Nikhil Kumar – 5 articles (The Independent), Stephen Foley – 5 articles (The Independent), Christine Sieb – 5 articles (The Times), James Quinn – 5 articles (Daily Telegraph)

Journalists who have updated their journalisted profile

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Ed Aarons: is a freelance journalist currently doing work for the BBC and AFP news agency. He was previously chief football reporter at The Citizen newspaper South Africa, and has worked for Sky Sports News, The Times, and the Kent and Sussex Courier. You can follow Ed Aarons on twitter @eddiehypefunk

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(posted by Martin Moore on Tue 27 April 2010)