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Bullying, Gordon Brown, and John Terry

for the week ending Sun 28 February 2010

This week...

  • Bullying shoves its way onto the front pages
  • ...while knife crime and gun crime virtually disappear (no doubt temporarily)
  • Football dominates front and back pages with the John Terry & Wayne Bridge saga

Covered lots

  • Bullying: 392 articles, all set off by allegations made in Andrew Rawnsley’s book, ‘The End of the Party’, serialized in the relaunched Observer newspaper
  • Gordon Brown: 704 articles, the key target of the bullying allegations and, being prime minister, was also mentioned in other contexts
  • John Terry clocks up mentions in 382 articles, and Wayne Bridge in 255. Vanessa Perroncel only made it into 128.
  • Twitter was the social networking tool that continues to fascinate, talked about in 290 articles - more than Facebook and MySpace combined

Covered little

Political ups and downs

Politicians: Gordon Brown (704 articles) vs David Cameron (320 articles) vs. Nick Clegg (67 articles) vs. Nigel Farrage (25 articles) vs. Nick Griffin (10 articles) vs. Caroline Lucas – Green party (1 article)

Parties: Labour party (1,071 articles); Conservatives (389 articles); Liberal Democrats (127 articles); BNP (50 articles); UKIP (41 articles); Green Party (18 articles) …even though the Green Party has 129 elected local councillors compared with UKIP’s 23 (UKIP has 12 MEPs to the Green’s 2)

X vs Y

  • Bullying’ - 392 articles vs. ‘encouraging’ - 266 articles
  • Cancer’ – 242 articles vs ‘heart disease’ – 31 articles (though the UK has one of the highest rates of death from heart disease in the world)
  • John Terry’ – 382 articles vs. ‘Nouri al-Maliki’– 8 articles (despite the forthcoming Iraq election on 8th March)

Long form journalism

Featured journalist

(posted by Martin Moore on Tue 2 March 2010)