Journalisted Yearly: Olympics, Leveson and Diamond Jubilee

for the week ending Sun 16 December 2012
  • The Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee, and the Leveson inquiry were the biggest stories of 2012
  • The US presidential election, Scotland's independence referendum and bankers' bonuses were extensively covered
  • Various crazes arose from this year including Fifty Shades of Grey, gangnam style and planking
  • Stories covered less included the Legal Aid bill, the backlog of UK Border Agency cases and NASA's mars rover

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Covered lots this year

This year's biggest crazes

Covered little this year

Most mentioned phrases: Austerity special

Top 15 most covered UK politicians

  1. David Cameron, 28,259 arts (no change)
  2. George Osborne, 12,821 arts (no change)
  3. Ed Miliband, 8,087 arts (4th last year)
  4. Nick Clegg, 7,825 arts (3rd last year)
  5. Boris Johnson, 6,127 arts (10th last year)
  6. Tony Blair, 5,225 arts (5th last year)
  7. Vince Cable, 4,190 arts (8th last year)
  8. Michael Gove, 3,912 arts (14th last year)
  9. Gordon Brown, 3,856 arts (6th last year)
  10. Theresa May, 3,640 arts (11th last year)
  11. William Hague, 3,609 arts (7th last year)
  12. Jeremy Hunt, 3,556 arts (below 15th last year)
  13. Alex Salmond, 3,563 arts (from 9th last year)
  14. Ed Balls, 3,236 arts (from 12th last year)
  15. Andrew Lansley, 2240 arts (below 15th last year)

Olympics special: Top 10 most covered

  1. Andy Murray, 4,321 articles (includes Wimbledon)
  2. Bradley Wiggins, 3,216 articles
  3. Usain Bolt 2,923 articles
  4. Jessica Ennis, 2,466 articles
  5. Mo Farah, 2,244 articles
  6. Chris Hoy, 2,063 articles
  7. Mark Cavendish, 1,611 articles
  8. Victoria Pendleton, 1,552 articles
  9. Seb Coe 1,452 articles
  10. Tom Daley, 1,220 articles

Celebrity vs serious

Reporting on corruption in the top 10 most corrupt nations

Most prolific journalists (number of articles published online)

Top 10 non-UK politicians

  1. Barack Obama - 21,798 articles
  2. Mitt Romney - 11,630 articles (53.4% of Obama)
  3. Angela Merkel - 4,096 articles (18.8% of Obama)
  4. François Hollande - 3,649 articles (16.7% of Obama)
  5. Vladimir Putin - 2,404 articles (11.0% of Obama)
  6. Mario Draghi - 1,492 articles (6.8% of Obama)
  7. Mario Monti - 1,460 articles (6.7% of Obama)
  8. Mariano Rajoy - 1,348 articles (6.2% of Obama)
  9. Antonis Samaras - 908 articles (4.2% of Obama)
  10. Xi Jinping - 695 articles (3.2% of Obama)

Long form journalism

Journalists who have claimed and updated their profiles

Rym Tina Ghazal is a contributor at the Huffington Post and a columnist and senior feature writer at The National, UAE. In 2001 she graduated from the University Of Waterloo with a BA in Psychology and Minor in Economics and two years later graduated from Carleton University with a Masters in Journalism. From 2002-2007 she freelanced at publications including The Globe and Mail Newspaper, Canadian Broadcast Corporation, The Toronto Star and The Christian Science Monitor. For the three years up to 2007 she covered war zones and bombings for the International Herald Tribune’s The Daily Star. Follow her on Twitter @Arabianmau

Alex Bees is news editor at Soton Tab. Before becoming news editor he worked as a reporter at the same publication. He is currently studying for a BA in Physical Geography at the University of Southampton where he will graduate in 2014. Follow him on Twitter @alexbees

All information taken from journalisted profiles as updated (19-12-12)

Most corrupt nations taken from Transparency International's corruption index

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(posted by Dulcie Lee & Martin Moore on Wed 19 December 2012)